About Fehlya

Hi, I’m Fehlya (Fay-Leah), mama of Home Rhythms. Thanks for visiting! My inspiration is to help other families enjoy the benefits of simplified, rhythmic living. I offer workshops for parent groups and schools in the Pacific Northwest and consult with individual families.


Fehlya (pronounced Fay-Leah), Certified Simplicity Parenting Coach©,  has worked with parents and children to uncover the benefits and joys of simplified childhood.  As a teacher at the Olympia Waldorf School, she saw the value of nurturing children’s imaginative lives by filtering out the clutter of the adult world that can often get in the way.  She saw how basic daily rhythms can give children (and parents) room to breathe, and let children grow in security at their own pace.  Fehlya taught a class from first through fifth grades before starting a family of her own, and now enjoys working with families directly on strategies to build more rewarding lives for themselves and their children at home.