The Simple Things

I was out in the community today at the Olympia ‘It Takes a Village Parenting Expo’ and I was reminded of how simple things can make a big difference. One in particular is the crinkle cutter. It is a ‘knife’ of sorts that can chop slices of veggies or fruits but it is not sharp. It is a great training tool for learning kitchen safety techniques such as – ‘one hand on the handle, one on top’, without the stress of a sharp blade in the hands of a 2 yr old. My son LOVES to chop veggies for soup and enjoys the soup more for having participated in its creation. Children tried it out today and parents wanted to know where to get it. I got mine at Bella Luna Toys (I found this picture, above, at A small cutting board goes well with the cutter and would make a lovely gift. I also know a fun little rhyme for this activity: “Chop, chop, choppity chop. Cut off the bottom and cut off the top. What there is left we pop in the pot. Chop, chop, choppity chop”. Enjoy!

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